two new [d] tracks: except europa / sunridge

“except europa”


I will be updating this or next week with these two tracks. I really want to do a redesign and move everything to (which seems to be the best free solution to get your music out there). Also, it’s time to renew again, so there may be a couple site hiccups.

Anyway, “except europa” is inspired by the movie, 2010: The Odyssey Continues. I guess this movie is what I’m all about (or what my music is all about): the future, fear of apocalypse, space, the good ol’ USSR, and malfunctioning sentient computers. I don’t know why, but monoliths compel me to make the eeriest ambient music. All Virus TI Snow, played live.

“Sunridge” is a “found song,” in that I had forgotten about it and came back to it, a year after recording. One day I was rummaging around the myriad temporary folders on my harddrive, when I came across a simple, two-track Ableton Live file. Surprisingly, all it needed was a little EQing and editing, and it was done. My friend says it sounds vaguely “Orbitalish”, which is never a bad thing; they were among my first influences. I think he says that because the Monomachine’s FM machine (dynamic type, I think) is used liberally and is reminiscent of early Orbital tracks. All Monomachine and Machinedrum.  By the way, the name of the track comes from some suburban development I drove by, the other day.  Has a nice ring to it: “sunridge”.

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