new is up! new design, new music

I have finally finished the redesign of this blog, and more importantly, GLITCHED.ORG!  Just about everything was done from scratch, but it was inspired by minimalist design standards.  (That may be a “dirty word” in web design circles, but I am loving the look of it.)

The idea behind the redesign was to make it easier to listen to and pay for my music (if you want).  This is facilitated by the wonderful (and free, for now)  They really package everything together nicely and seem to understand what an independent artist wants in a music distribution service.  Ok, so you’re not exactly going to be booked on Jimmy Kimmel right away, but their marketing infrastructure is pretty sound, especially for a free service.  My favorite thing about is that they’re a (technologically) forward-thinking company; artists want their music to be heard in the best quality and Bandcamp serves up 320k mp3 (ok) and lossless FLAC files (awesome!)  Ok, enough about them.

As of now, all the tracks on are “pay what you want”, but are free if you enter “0″ in the price field.  I’m realistic, so I’m not trying to make a living at this, but if my art moves you at all, you could pay a dollar (or more) per track.  (By the way, thanks to those who have supported me in the past!)

Be sure to subscribe to this blog and my twitter for information on how my music is made and for lots of extra content that I don’t put up on my bandcamp page.

One final thing: this is the link to the archive of my previous blog.  There’s lots of information about my old tracks on there, but some links are probably dead.

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