new [d] tracks: “trap” and “master control” featuring WTPA 8-bit sampler

[d] – “Trap” —

Monomachine, Machinedrum and WTPA.  A 0.5 second loop was manually sampled from the Monomachine (going through the Machinedrum) and left freely running.  It wasn’t a perfect loop, so I matched the tempo and created a hip-hoppy beat that just fit.  I raised the “throughput” (dry) volume and that accounts for the saturated sound.  The WTPA has a very warm sound on its own (being 8-bit), but when you overload the input stage, it’s instant character.  That sine tone is from the MD–a random wave LFO is modulating pitch, periodically.  There’s a weird, filtered Atari sound in there, too.  I think it’s a “tank engine” type of sound.

[d] – “Master Control” —

All WTPA.  A short loop was sampled from the Monomachine and manipulated programmatically, via CC#s, in Live.  (You can modulate start/end/and loop points, on the fly!)  I believe I tweaked the controls in realtime in a couple places.  There’s some filtering and ghetto phasing in places (by doubling up the track) and reverb.  Oh, and I used the Shruti-1 in a strategic places!  (It’s that filter-sweepy sound.)

Both of these tracks are two of my recent favorites.  I love “master control” and spent a lot of time mixing and mastering it.  The WTPA sound can difficult to control.
“Trap” is dirty and dissonant.  Different than my usual.

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