remastered [d] track: 3131 (rough)

I just uploaded a remastered version of “3131 (rough)” to .  If you’re interested, here’s the genesis of the track: (from  Essentially, the challenge was to create a “sucking” or “pumping” effect, usually produced by a sidechained compressor, using only the Elektron Monomachine.  Although the Mono has a built-in compressor, it’s very difficult to get this specific sound.

One user on experimented with assigning an envelope to the volume parameter of an “SWAV-ENS” machine.  Every time the sound is triggered, it will go down in volume, then sharply upward.  There’s nothing ground-breaking about that, but the real trick is to put a bass drum trig on the same trigs as the ENS machine, thus making it sound as if the bass drum is kicking off the compressor.  Even better, place empty (note) trigs on the ENS track that match the bass drum track (that way, the ENS note trigs don’t always have to be on the same trig as the bass drum).  Anyway, that’s what I did and the result is in that short tune.  (There’s a longer version, but I don’t think it’s worth remastering.)

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