modular front panels, by glitched

Consider this post just a teaser.  The full story and information on how you can order yours will come soon.

*UPDATE* — Go here for the full story, including tons of high-resolution photos:

The next update will include information on how to procure one of these panels.



I have designed some alternate front panels, in eurorack format, for 4MS Pedals’ Rotating Clock Divider, RCD Breakout, and Shuffling Clock Multiplier.  Besides those “commercial” modules, I also did a design for a DIY quantizer found on  These panels were designed by me (can you tell I’m proud of myself?) and manufactured by that wonderful “personal factory,” Ponoko.  Again, more information on the process will come soon.  View the gallery below for some pictures.  (By the way, it was really hard to get good pictures of these things, considering how shiny they are.  Plus, dust just seems love acrylic.  It’s vexing to know how good the panels look in real life, when the camera doesn’t do them justice.  More pics, tomorrow.)

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