various [d] updates (soundcloud, modular, shruti-1)

Just thought I’d hit you with a few quick updates:

1.  I’ve finally gotten into the modular game!  After maybe 10 years of pining after a modular synthesizer system, I finally gave in and purchased a few modules.  See below for a slideshow:

2.  I’ve updated my soundcloud with sounds and loops made with that system:

3. Remember the Shruti-1 DIY synthesizer project?  Well, I wrote up a rather extensive article that describes the entire building process, which was hosted on  That site is now defunct, so I have moved that information to this site, at this location:

4.  My Monomachine suffered a memory-erasing crash last night; I lost everything.  The sad part about this is that I had a bunch of songs and ideas ready to record for my upcoming album, but now they’re all gone.  Subsequently, I won’t be releasing anything soon.  This is just a minor setback.  Whenever this sort of thing happens, I look at it as a sort of cleansing experience and usually come up with some material that is 10x better than whatever I lost.  I’ll be back in action, soon.

That’s all for now.

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