how to get the eurorack front panels, by glitched

If you’ve come here from various forums, twitter, or just a random internet straggler and want to know more about the Eurorack-format panels I’ve designed, go to this link:

After you’ve digested all of that information (or just looked at the pretty pictures) and decided you’re interested in one of them, you must understand these caveats:

1) Acrylic is fragile.  It may scratch or break, under a certain amount of force.

2) This first run of panels is 3.0mm thick, which is about 1.0mm thinner than typical Eurorack front panels.  (Two M3 x 8 screws will be provided.)

3) These are hand-made items, so they may have slight imperfections (but I strive to make every one as good as the last).


Each panel will be USD 15$ + 3$ shipping (unless otherwise noted), for up to three panels, if in the United States;  4-6 panels, 4$.  Elsewhere:  4$ USD  for shipping, up to 3 panels; $5.50 for more.

Current Design Availability

Unfortunately, not all of the panels that I have shown will be available in this first run.  The main reason for not being able to sell the SCM/RCD panels is because the 3.0mm acrylic is too thick for the stock jacks to fit through.  If you don’t care about that and want to find your own jacks, make a note in your message to me and I’ll see what I can do.

Go to this link to check the available options:


Here’s what you need to do if you’re interested:

0) Check which designs are available by viewing this spreadsheet:

1) Go to the “front panel request form,” here:

2) Enter your details.

3) In the message body state the following:

  • Which panel(s) you’re interested in.  (Example: QUANT-white/black/raster.)
  • Quantity (list a number for each style if multiple panels were chosen)
  • Paypal address (if different from contact email address)
  • Your country.  I’m located in the US, but will ship internationally.
  • Any additional notes or requests.

4) Hit “submit”.

Now, this is important: unless the panel is currently in stock, the steps above are only to declare your interest in these panels; there is no obligation to buy and your paypal address will only be used at the final step, when I need to initiate the production run.

If I have the panel that you want on-hand (again, see the spreadsheet), I will send you an invoice right away and you can pay me.

If I receive interest for more than 5 panels, I will be able to initiate production and will then send you an invoice for the total, to your paypal address.  I will also notify you of the payment cut-off date.  If I don’t receive money by that date, you will not receive a panel (but there may be a couple extras, after everyone has gotten theirs).

Once the order is placed, it can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks be produced and get to me.  I take them, paint them, and pack them up.  This probably won’t take more than two days.  After that, it’s time to ship!

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