site upgrade, lots of new music, and more!

There are several things to talk about in this update, including some nice, short (d) tracks, DIY project progress, and most importantly, the site upgrade.

I will go into this, in detail, at another point, but I moved both of my main sites, and, from a standard, shared webhost, to Amazon’s S3 cloud service.  Why?  In a nutshell: pricing ($0.07 per month?!?) and speed.  Sounds great, but there are pro’s and con’s.  More on that, soon.  On to the music…

Nothing to report on the progress of “real” tracks to put on (and on the front page of, but a few nice melodies and atmospheres, while you wait (these are embedded on the sidebar of

(d) – harmless3

Really epic-sounding track with massive bass and a little unintended distortion.  The original loop from which this idea sprung was a mere :30 long; I time stretched it, slowed it down and did a bunch of spectral processing to create the final track.  It’s very dynamic; I remember doing a lot of EQ and efx automation in FL Studio.

(d) – do you remember?

This simple melody created algorithmically, with some web-based app.  I forget which one.    Had to smooth out the “pluckiness” of the electric piano-type sound with some tape saturation.  Again, I was experimenting with spectral effects, which resulted in strange low and ultra-high frequency timbres.

(d) – when you’re not here

A sweet-sounding track based on a loop I found on my hard drive, dated 10/2009.  This one was done completely in Ableton Live; I really love the built-in reverb and resonators plugins.  I believe I did some spacial efx, using iZotope Ozone.

(d) – Doepfer Dark Energy Experiment .934288 

The Doepfer Dark Energy is a supremely capable instrument and this short demo only scratches the surface.  The Elektron Monomachine is the sequencer, as usual.  Go to that link for the full description.

Finally, I wanted say that I’m really into this DIY electronics stuff and it takes a lot of time away from music.  Ironically, the things I make are meant exclusively for music-making!  Anyway, it’s great fun and hope to finish up some projects, very soon.  Read the full story on

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