new EP: (d) – point within a circle

On 4/17/2012, I released a little collection of mostly-unreleased and re-mixed content, called “point within a circle.”  If you need a concise description, using common buzz-words, I’d say that it’s six tracks of electronic, “IDM”, and ambient.  Someone who listened to it noted that it sounded like “early WARP or Planet Mu.”  I certainly don’t mind those comparisons!  Anyway, you can get it on Bandcamp, here:

As always, it’s FREE or name your price.  Any proceeds that I receive will go toward a physical disc for my next release.

An interesting thing about this EP is that some of these tracks were originally recorded as far back as 2007–they laid dormant on my hard drive for several years before I was able to find the magic ingredient to consider them complete.  Specifically, I found the skeleton arrangement of “before the fires” in early-2012.  I knew something was there, but it needed another layer, something to keep the listener involved.  The Access Virus TI is usually a source of great inspiration (especially for emotive pads), but no sounds seemed to fit.  Software to the rescue!  Yes, it was the humble SQ-8 VSTi, an SQ-80 emulation, that inspired the melody in the middle of that track.  From there, it was easy to finish the song.

A way through” was recorded in 2009, but I could never figure out how to arrange it.  There was a breakdown in the first half of the track that cut off abruptly and didn’t transition well.  I also couldn’t figure out how to end it; 90% of the time I abandon a project, it’s because I have solid groove or feeling, but it doesn’t go anywhere.  Some songs are so inspirational, they almost write themselves, but other times, as good as they seem, they require more work to be considered a finished piece of work.  That’s the story with “a way through.”

Another hinderance in finishing this track was that I had only a couple of tracks to work with because of my haste in recording the whole thing in one go.  Stupid mistake, but through some clever copying, pasting, and cross-fading, the pieces came together.

I’m proud to have put together a cohesive project on my favorite music-website, Bandcamp, and will be doing it again in the very near future.  Speaking of the next project, it’ll be more modular-focused and maybe a little harder-edged; “point within a circle” is certainly a showcase for Elektron products, oh, and the Nord G2.  (I forgot how much I used that thing!)

I’ll leave you with one of my favorites from this compilation, “a way through”:

Thank you for listening, downloading, and reading!


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