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site upgrade, lots of new music, and more!

There are several things to talk about in this update, including some nice, short (d) tracks, DIY project progress, and most importantly, the site upgrade. I will go into this, in detail, at another point, but I moved both of

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various [d] updates (soundcloud, modular, shruti-1)

A few quick updates from [d] of 1) new modular 2) modular set on soundcloud 3) Shruti-1 DIY synth article.

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[d] is on soundcloud as d01

I finally gave in and signed up for a soundcloud account: .  I’m not quite sure what I’ll put up there, but I think it’ll replace the songs I usually reserve for; that is, remixes, works-in-progress, and misc.

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[d] re-mix: buromaschinen’s “hyperstarship” (part 2)

This post is a continuation of the first part, here: As much as I wanted to keep everything the same, as I dug into “Hyperstarship”, I felt it needed some “breathing room.”  That is, there’s a lot going on

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[d] re-mix: buromaschinen’s “hyperstarship”

Go here to listen to the track and comment: Click to download a higher-quality mp3 (soundcloud only streams at 128k):  hyperstarship – [d] rework.mp3 So, I first discovered Buromaschinen on the forums, a while back.  His tunes, made

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remastered [d] track – “clones”

I spent some time going through some of my recent tracks, in a quest to revamp and remaster them using some recently acquired knowledge (and software).  (Hint: FL Studio plug-ins are no joke.) “3131 (rough)” was the first in this

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