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[d] re-mix: buromaschinen’s “hyperstarship” (part 2)

This post is a continuation of the first part, here: As much as I wanted to keep everything the same, as I dug into “Hyperstarship”, I felt it needed some “breathing room.”  That is, there’s a lot going on

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[d] re-mix: buromaschinen’s “hyperstarship”

Go here to listen to the track and comment: Click to download a higher-quality mp3 (soundcloud only streams at 128k):  hyperstarship – [d] rework.mp3 So, I first discovered Buromaschinen on the forums, a while back.  His tunes, made

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remastered [d] track – “clones”

I spent some time going through some of my recent tracks, in a quest to revamp and remaster them using some recently acquired knowledge (and software).  (Hint: FL Studio plug-ins are no joke.) “3131 (rough)” was the first in this

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remastered [d] track: 3131 (rough)

I just uploaded a remastered version of “3131 (rough)” to .  If you’re interested, here’s the genesis of the track: (from  Essentially, the challenge was to create a “sucking” or “pumping” effect, usually produced by a

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new [d] tracks: “trap” and “master control” featuring WTPA 8-bit sampler

[d] – “Trap” — Monomachine, Machinedrum and WTPA.  A 0.5 second loop was manually sampled from the Monomachine (going through the Machinedrum) and left freely running.  It wasn’t a perfect loop, so I matched the tempo and created a

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