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new album by (d) – progression

Progression is an eight-track “album” (eight tracks is considered an “album” now, isn’t it?) by (d), released on October 29, 2014.  It’s available on Bandcamp, as usual, and costs whatever you think its true value is. Here’s the link: It’s

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site upgrade, lots of new music, and more!

There are several things to talk about in this update, including some nice, short (d) tracks, DIY project progress, and most importantly, the site upgrade. I will go into this, in detail, at another point, but I moved both of

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new [d] tracks: “trap” and “master control” featuring WTPA 8-bit sampler

[d] – “Trap” — Monomachine, Machinedrum and WTPA.  A 0.5 second loop was manually sampled from the Monomachine (going through the Machinedrum) and left freely running.  It wasn’t a perfect loop, so I matched the tempo and created a

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