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new ep by (d) – Exception

A new, six-track EP (or short LP?) by (d): Exception.  It’s more of the usual stuff that comes out of my head (cool sounds, dark atmospheres, old-school WARP feel, etc.?), but better than anything else I’ve ever done. Stream or

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new album by (d) – progression

Progression is an eight-track “album” (eight tracks is considered an “album” now, isn’t it?) by (d), released on October 29, 2014.  It’s available on Bandcamp, as usual, and costs whatever you think its true value is. Here’s the link: It’s

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new ep by (d) – Silence and Infinity

Here it is, five fresh tracks for your listening enjoyment: “Silence and Infinity” is a free download or “pay what you want.” If you’re interested in the “tech” and compositional process behind this collection of songs, keep reading…

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new album by (d) – the expansion

“The Expansion” is a 6-track mini-release, by (d) (that’s me!), which encompases some of my favorite recent work.  You can download it for free or “pay what you want”, right here, on bandcamp: . Inspiration came from the usual sources:

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my synth DIY mini-site:

If you’ve been following along, you know that electronics, specifically the ones that go into synthesizers, is another one of the things I enjoy.  I’ve made panels, modules, and all sorts of devices (take a look at the “articles” on

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site upgrade, lots of new music, and more!

There are several things to talk about in this update, including some nice, short (d) tracks, DIY project progress, and most importantly, the site upgrade. I will go into this, in detail, at another point, but I moved both of

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