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my synth DIY mini-site:

If you’ve been following along, you know that electronics, specifically the ones that go into synthesizers, is another one of the things I enjoy.  I’ve made panels, modules, and all sorts of devices (take a look at the “articles” on

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site upgrade, lots of new music, and more!

There are several things to talk about in this update, including some nice, short (d) tracks, DIY project progress, and most importantly, the site upgrade. I will go into this, in detail, at another point, but I moved both of

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DIY electronics mini-blog:

Since I’m all about DIY synth stuff right now, I’ve decided to start a mini-blog devoted to my progress.  Here’s the link: It will be updated regularly, as I run through my backlog of projects.  When I’m done with

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modular front panels, by glitched

Consider this post just a teaser.  The full story and information on how you can order yours will come soon. *UPDATE* — Go here for the full story, including tons of high-resolution photos: The next update will include information

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