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DIY electronics mini-blog:

Since I’m all about DIY synth stuff right now, I’ve decided to start a mini-blog devoted to my progress.  Here’s the link: It will be updated regularly, as I run through my backlog of projects.  When I’m done with

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how to get the eurorack front panels, by glitched

Here’s how you can get the eurorack front panels, by glitched.

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modular front panels, by glitched

Consider this post just a teaser.  The full story and information on how you can order yours will come soon. *UPDATE* — Go here for the full story, including tons of high-resolution photos: The next update will include information

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various [d] updates (soundcloud, modular, shruti-1)

A few quick updates from [d] of 1) new modular 2) modular set on soundcloud 3) Shruti-1 DIY synth article.

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