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new album by (d) – progression

Progression is an eight-track “album” (eight tracks is considered an “album” now, isn’t it?) by (d), released on October 29, 2014.  It’s available on Bandcamp, as usual, and costs whatever you think its true value is. Here’s the link: It’s

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guide: making the Virus TI Snow work with Reaper

If you use Reaper, the (nearly) free DAW and own an Access Virus TI Snow (or the like), and you just can’t figure out how to get them to cooperate, read this short guide. If you’re like me, you just

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two new [d] tracks: except europa / sunridge

“except europa” “sunridge” I will be updating this or next week with these two tracks. I really want to do a redesign and move everything to (which seems to be the best free solution to get

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short melodic pieces by [d]: computers dream

I haven’t updated this site for a little while because I post most of my happenings on twitter now ( I will continue to post important updates here, so subscribe to the RSS feed. Anyway, here are a couple recent

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